Overview of the Company
Company Name: Hidaka Engineering Co., Ltd.
Founded: April 1, 1947
Capital Stock: 250,800,000 yen
President and Representative Director: Keiji Murayama
Employees: 120



Hidaka Engineering Co., Ltd.

Ueda Research Park,812-11 Shimonogo,Ueda City,Nagano 386-1211 Japan
Telephone:+81-268-39-2030 (main switchboard) Facsimile:+81-268-39-2012

Overseas:(China Customer Service Office)

Hidaka Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

1st Floor Part A, Building 15,No.69 Xiya Road,Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone,Shanghai 200131,China
Telephone:+86-21-5046-2802 Facsimile:+86-21-5046-2592

       (India Customer Service Office)


Plot No.E-110,RIICO New Industrial Complex,Majrakath Neemrana,Alwar,Rajasthan - 301705
Corporate History
1947 Founded the Hidaka Engineering Works in Shibuya, Tokyo. Hidaka Engineering’s forerunner.
1961 Founded the Hidaka Engineering Co., Ltd. (Capital Stock of 1 million yen).
1969 Started the fin dies and fin press lines development.
1971 Commercialized the FIX-18 (50 TON) fin press.
1972 Made new capital to 20 million yen by capital increase.
1975 Opened a Plant in Ueda City, Nagano, to receive larger orders and develop new products.
Made new capital to 50 million yen by capital increase.
1976 Invented the “H19” Drawless type fin die with the ironing process development.
Patent Registration of USA (in 1978)  Patent Registration of JAPAN (in 1980).
Commercialized the FP-36 (60 TON) fin press.
1979 Developed the High-Fin die producing collar height of 12mm for refrigerators.
1981 Delivered the Tube sheet transfer-die for automobiles.
Commercialized the FIX-12 (45 Ton), FIX-36 (60 Ton) fin press.
1983 Exported the Casing transfer die for rotary compressor to USSR.
1985 Expanded the Nagano plant to accommodate dedicated facilities for trial run of fin dies as well as welfare service facilities.
Expanded the employees’welfare facilities, new plant facility and machining facilities for precision components over two years.
1986 Started the fin lines exportation to produce condenser of automobile air conditioner to a US auto-maker.
1988 Expanded the plant for machining Micro precision parts in the Nagano Plant.
Developed the inner fin die for automobiles.
1989 Completed the State-of-the-art MC plant for receiving larger orders.
Introduced the Jig Boring Machine, made by SIP company.
1990 Developed the automatic assembly systems including hairpin inserting machines and expanders.
Introduced (full scale) the CAD-CAM system to adapt production to the newly implemented CIM system.
Made new capital to 72 million yen by capital increase.
1991 Completed the “Technical Center” for high-precision machining, equipped with constant temperature and humidity environment systems in the Nagano Plant.
Installed the Large-scale precision machine tools in the Technical Center.
Introduced the state-of-the-art machine CAD systems enabling the development of advanced systems.
Developed and commercialized the Fully-automatic fin coil assembly system, and delivered to a major electric appliance manufacturer.
Commercialized the FIX-36A (80 Ton) fin press.
1992 Developed and commercialized the DOF Type fin die with CFC regulation-compliant.
Patent registration of Taper Ironing construction method.
1994 Developed and commercialized the high-speed remote cutoff system.
1996 Developed and commercialized the oval fin production system for automobile radiators.
Patent registration of Flare FIX Point construction method.
1997 Completed the “Hidaka Engineering Shioda R&D Center” as the first-phase construction for the entire relocation.
Delivered the tube progressive dies for automobile heater cores.
Made new capital to 100,800,000 yen by capital increase.
2001 Founded “Hidaka Engineering (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.” in China, which is 100%-owned to mainly offer service and maintenance businesses.
Developed the SUS (stainless) fin die.
Commercialized the FIX-100 (100 Ton) fin press, correspond to larger fin die.
2002 Developed and commercialized the “Combination (CB-type) fin die” correspond to thinner and harder aluminum materials.
Acquired the ISO 9001 certification (in 2000) by the international standard for quality management system.
Commercialized the FIX-80 (80 Ton) fin press as a following model of FIX-36A.
Commercialized the FIX-60 (60 Ton) fin press as a following model of FIX-36.
Made new capital to 250,800,000 yen by capital increase.
2004 Won the “37th National Award of the Medium and Small Business Research Institute”.
2005 Relocated the all functions and facilities of the Nagano Plant, and integrated with the Shioda R&D Center, to be reborn as the new “Headquarters/Plant”.
Installed the solar power facility system to save environment. (Total generation 30kW)
Made donation to Sumatera Indonesia Earthquake.
2006 Started the Full-scale cultivation of the North American market.
Started the service activities with resident technicians in Thailand and Malaysia.
Acquired ISO 14001 certification (in 2004) by the international standard for environmental management system.
Patent registration of movable taper ironing method.
2007 Developed and commercialized the AT-80H ultra high-speed fin press line to meet demand for higher efficiency.
Established the system for sending employees to national universities and graduate schools for training as highly skilled technicians.
2008 Founded the Hidaka Precision Tools & Dies Company in Texas as the North America sales office.
Made donation to Sichuan, China Earthquake.
2010 Expanded the solar power facility system to save environment. (Total generation 80kW)
2011 Celebrated the 50th anniversary of foundation.
Developed and commercialized the Small-sized fin press line “ES-50”for producing small lot special heat exchanger and installing to Hidaka high-fin-die.
Made donation to Great East Japan Earthquake.
2012 Made donation to obstetrics and gynecology hospital establishment.
Joined in “Rape Blossom (Nano-hana) Project”, earthquake disaster construction volunteer for Otsuchi-town, Iwate prefecture.
2013 Started the sale of newly-developed fin production line for plated-fin type Microchannel heat exchangers.
Won the “Paper Prize of Plastic Working Society of Japan”.
2014 Commercialized the FIX-80N (80 Ton) fin press as a following model of FIX-80.
2015 Expanded the administration building for celebrating of 40th anniversary from opening of Plant in Ueda-city.
Concluded the “Mori-no-sato-oya agreement” with Ueda-city, purpose of protecting Higashi-yama nature (Higashi-yama Green Project).
2019 Founded “HIDAKA PRECISION TOOLS INDIA PVT. LTD.” in Neemrana of Rajasthan, India, which is 100%-owned to mainly offer service and maintenance businesses.