Core Division (Technology development/design/manufacture of heat exchanger production systems)

A heat exchanger is a device that transfers thermal energy effectively. It is widely used for air conditioners, refrigerators, vending machines, automobiles and the air conditioning systems of large buildings. It is indispensable for modern daily life. Hidaka specializes in fields related to heat exchangers and has accumulated rich experiences and expertise as a manufacturer of heat exchanger production systems and precision progressive dies for forming fins over the past 40 years.

Our production systems utilizing Hidaka’s unique technologies and working methods are now in operation at major HAVC manufacturing plants in 30 countries around the world and are receiving both good reputation and high confidence of our customers.

We continue to respond to problems to be solved like the environmental performance that the HVAC industry is facing and various needs of our customers without any delays, and any questions on heat exchanger production systems are cordially welcome

Hidaka’s core technologies enable the required performance and quality to take shape

Here is at Hidaka, where we “give shape to the required performance and quality,” We interview our customers to ascertain their needs and production methods, and investigate “what are truly required by our customers.” In such manners, great importance on intensive communications with our customers is placed. In the design stage, our accumulated experience and research techniques are exploited to attain the required performance, repeating design reviews until our customers are satisfied with their requirements.

In the manufacturing stage, our experienced and skilled engineers accurately and uncompromisingly machine and assemble products under a constant temperature and humidity-controlled environment by means of state-of-the-art precision machine tools and high-precision test gauges.

The finished products are thoroughly examined and tested to make sure they meet the customer’s performance and quality requirements. And if any further improvements are needed, the design reviews are repeatedly made. This is Hidaka’s approach to the PDCA cycle

Heat exchanger production systems: Hidaka fin press lines

We offer the most suitable system architecture to materialize the production facilities and systems required by our customers.

In addition, Hidaka’s unique system control technology further enhances the performance of the production capacity, efficiency, and management

High-speed Fin Press Line

Standard Fin Press Line

High-speed precision progressive die: Hidaka fin die

Hidaka fin die is manufactured with the combination of Hidaka’s high-speed precision progressive die design technology and micro precision machining techniques by means of state-of-the-art machine tools. With the unique “Ironing process”, Hidaka fin die can rapidly and consistently produce fins of high heat efficiency and high quality. Various kinds of fin configurations, gauges and materials are available

Fin die for indoor unit

Fin die for outdoor unit